Information for parents:

Good writing about soccer:

PCYSA parent/guardian Code of Conduct:

Code of Conduct. By signing above, I/we, the parent(s)/guardian(s) of the named player, also agree to the following:

1.  To abide by the squad / level placement made by PCYSA coaches, and understand the balance that must be struck between the needs of individual players, and the need to form viable, appropriately balanced and competitive squads.

2.  To understand that PCYSA is a youth development program, and it is about the players: making friends, playing soccer, and gaining skills and confidence. Making mistakes is part of the game, and important to learning.

3.  To let the coaches do the coaching.

4.  To respect everyone involved in the game, which means: not talking to/yelling at opposing players, referees, or coaches, and respecting parents of the opposing team. To treat those who visit our club facility as welcome guests. In short, to model good character and support good values for all members of the club.

5. To address concerns or problems constructively to coaches or board members, who can forward reports to the league.

6. To offer support to the league by volunteering—all league officials are volunteers! I am interested in helping through:

Coaching: ________     Concessions: ________     Facilities: _________     Fund-raising: _________   Becoming a Board Member: ________