We welcome U9-U14 players (in the Fall and Spring) as well as U16-U19 players (Spring only) to consider playing or Travel Soccer.

Travel soccer is the highest level offered by PCYSA. Travel divisions may include U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, U16 and U18. Try-outs for Travel Soccer occur in June according to the tryout calendar and rules established by the Indiana Soccer League (ISL). Click here to view the Tryout Calendar. For Travel Soccer, tryouts are necessary to place youth players at the right level for their current ability, and for their developmental potential. Our player selection and team formation principles are as follows:

  1. That individual players have the opportunity to develop their abilities to the highest degree possible by being placed at the level of competition most appropriate to providing them with positive challenges that will help them grow as players and persons.
  2. That the broadest access to soccer is provided to players at levels appropriate to their development, within the demographic constraints of the population of participants.
  3. Though we call this process ‘try-outs’, we make every effort to find a spot for all players.  Due to limitations on roster size, and the numbers and demographics of those interested it is not always possible.

For more information, please contact Angie Weeks, Travel League Coordinator, at weeksag@yahoo.com

Age Chart for Fall/Spring 2015-16

Date of Birth Falls On or Between Playing Group
8-1-2005 to 7-31-2007 U10
8-1-2004 to 7-31-2005 U11
8-1-2003 to 7-31-2004 U12
8-1-2002 to 7-31-2003 U13
8-1-2001 to 7-31-2002 U14
8-1-2000 to 7-31-2001* U15
8-1-1999 to 7-31-2000* U16
8-1-1998 to 7-31-1999* U17
8-1-1997 to 7-31-1998* U18
8-1-1996 to 7-31-1997* U19

*Denotes Spring Only

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Tryouts for 2015-16 Season

Tryouts for the 2015-16 seasons have been completed!  Please email Travel Coordinator Angie Weeks if you have questions or missed the tryouts.  Team invitations have been sent out via email.  Teams will hear from coaches about practices shortly.

Register to Play

Cost for the travel league is $120 for U10 and younger, and $140 for U11 and older.  The cost is per season. Online registration offers monthly payment options and multiple child discounts.  There is also a uniform cost of $60 (white and green socks, black shorts, home and away jerseys).

Register Online

Travel Uniform Order Form

Travel Families, please click on the button below to fill out Uniform Information.  All new players must order a uniform ( 2 jerseys and 1 pair of shorts; $60).  Current players, this is your chance to order replacements for outgrown clothing. Even if you are not ordering anything, please click the button and enter your player’s number.

Uniform Information